Concept and Design

No matter if concert, corporate event, installation, show, or video content, we're going to be drafting a design that's suitable for you. Our principle is always to create big effects with the least possible resources. Get in touch with us, to get your personal 3D-CAD plan or augmented reality design of your lighting- or video concept.

Planning and Prepairing

You can either bring your ideas and concepts or get them designed by us. Once designed, the planning phase of the project follows. In this process we take on the following:


D Planning 3D, Animation

We are specializing in the program Vectorworks (Spotlight) with all common expansions though imports and exports to all common CAD programs like AutoCAD are possible.

In the field of CAD we offer:

  • 2D plans e.g. stage plans, construction plans, or even templates for laser cutting and CNC-milling of components

  • 3D plans for a better visualization of the project, technical plans on different levels and templates for 3D-printing

  • Visualization of lighting- and video technology

  • 3D renderings for a photo-realistic impression of the project

  • 3D animation of objects (in Cinema 4D)

  • Technical planning of lighting-, video-, rigging-, stage-, and sound technology

Technical planning and consultation

Technical planning: we gladly plan your constructions and installations on the technical side for you. We offer safety-based planning – taking into account all the applicable regulations. These include safety concepts and risk assessments.

Statics: We are going to proof our (or your) concepts on static feasibility and legality. In this process we are working together with the leading experts in this field. In addition, we are also happy to guide you through the necessary licensing procedures.


  • We offer pre-programming of lighting- and video shows. For the pre-programming we mostly use lighting consoles of MA Lighting (GrandMA2 and GrandMA3), as well as GrandMA 3D and Vision software.

  • Starting from a simple lighting concept for a concert, theater or any other artistic performance, to complex timecode shows, laser show, or video mapping show – we can realize everything.


Whether pre-programmed or live show, we are happy to take over the operation of your event. By precisely preparing and setting up the equipment, we offer the greatest possible operational reliability, so everything works perfectly when it matters.

We also offer coordination of live events and technical management in the light and video field.

Content creation

Nowadays almost no event can be imagined without media content. In order to allow this to flow perfectly into the lighting design, or to use it as a central show element, we offer the creation of video-, or image material for video mapping or pixel mapping. Have individual and artful 2D and 3D material created for your show which inspires!

Education and service:

  • Do you need advanced training in event technology for your facility, or training in Vectorworks CAD, or lighting control from MA Lighting? Get in contact with us. _

  •  Do your need consulting services or would like to submit a tender for lighting, video or sound technology? Then we will be happy to help you.

  • Do you want to map a piece of reality virtually? Then we offer you individual 3D modeling.

  • Do you want to set up a database or expand your database? Then we would be happy to create your own CAD library or 3D fixture profiles.

  • We would also be happy to advise you on fixed installations and individual systems and put them into practice.